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Holly Stephey is a successful producer and Radio show host of the very popular Radio show "Red Velvet Media ®  Blogtalk Radio". 

also works many high-profile individuals with her company Red Velvet Media. ®

Holly is a very sought out person for many productions that involve non profits and she is an active philanthropist.

She believes that there is a spiritual path to everything
and she hopes to b
ring about an awareness through
Music, Art, Book's,Pop Culture and her constant involvement with many organizations that further her message of love and hope for the world. 

We can Change the world!

 "Thank you" to Bray from Lumonics for this amazing Image!

 ~Through Love , Peace & Music!~

    ~Life is Music and Music is Life!~


We Want to wish everyone a Year  filled with
      Love, Peace & Happiness! ® 

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Copyright © 2015 All rights reserved.

If you would like to create some dreams with Holly & RVM, 
 please go to our
contact us page.

"Red Velvet Media was formed to Fill the need for educating the world on so many different issues and bring about an awareness in Music,Spirituality,World healing & Love for the human spirit"
"Through Kindness."

 Holly Stephey 

*Holly Hosts "Red Velvet Media Blogtalk Radio" 
every Wednesday and Friday and features many of today' s
Pop Culture, Music ,Cutting edge topics.

 If you would like to be a guest or have any questions , please send a request  on the contact us page 

~ Red Velvet Media creates productions that "Give Back~

Red Velvet Media is a boutique Hands on firm located in the heart of California's wine country, But we can go global and serve anyone despite there location.

We have respected long term relationship's with the entertainment industry's pioneers.

 Looking for a Studio to record music or a place just to create?

 So many of our friends in the recording industry wanted some creative place's to create in and RVM can help you find the perfect place
Just for you!

Over the years, we've built strong relationships
with both clients and the press.

Red Velvet Media 
has many Ideas and Venues available on request.
We are a Globally Conscious interactive team!

 An aggressive percentage of our events net profits go directly to your charity, non-profit or for profit organization.

 We help you make a difference in your cause and in the world.

*Sponsorship Opportunities also available! Please ask. 
we can match you and your cause with one of our many clients.

*Red Velvet Media works on Managing careers of Artists
In all professions.

Red Velvet Media
helps to convert your dreams of success
into a reasonable reality with a shared vision
between the manager and the artist that allows an artist's career to become more successful.

 *Red Velvet Media successfully produce concerts, events, tours, shows and festivals of all sizes.

 Providing a commercial full service High Definition Production and Post Production Company for all your Film, Media, Music and Video.

Union or non-Union whichever you require!

Come see the great things with Food4africa!
A Love Ambassador shows others what self acceptance means. They are tolerant and embrace diversity. They forgive themselves and others. They visualize how love can transform the world. Ambassadors bring unconditional love to family, friends, communities, companies, schools, and civic organizations. They share their love for the animals, plants, oceans and rivers. They love the earth and all that inhabits it. They are an example of what unconditional love can do in all situations.

    Red Velvet Media ® was named after Holly's favorite cupcake..
  Red Velvet!
         * No cupcakes were harmed in making this website!
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